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3D Printing

I'm 3D printing for years, and decided to offer a 3D printing service.

I have multiple machines, so I can make larger quantities if necessary.


You can select both PLA and ABS materials, I have various colors in stock.

Furthermore I have flexible materials like NinjaFlex, and Polycarbonate as well.

You can send me the 3D modell you want to be printed, or I can create you one, just describe what you want with exact measures.


For larger quantities or larger parts I can give some discount

Weight will be calculated before print, and correct weight will be measured after print.

1/2 of the calculated price should be paid in advance, the rest (of the actual price) should be paid after shipment.


The setup cost for the first print is 3mBTC

Small parts will cost 0.8mBTC per gram

Large parts and quantities will cost 0.6mBTC per gram

Flexible, Polycarbonate and Fluorescent PLA

The setup cost for the first print is 7mBTC

Small parts will cost 1.7mBTC per gram

Large parts and quantities will cost 1.4mBTC per gram


I will also sell assembled, brand new 3D printers

Currently I'm working on the prototype, but it's clear the final products price will be around 1BTC including postage in EU
My printer will able to print 20x20x20cm volume, 0.1mm layer height, and will shipped with 0.4mm nozzle.

More information and pictures will come soon.


All prices includes tracked shipping from Central Europe


Since this is a fully legitimate business I'm not afraid to give you an email address: palladium at

About this idea

I know I could join to a 3d printing community, but I belive we can skip the middle man.